Family Dentistry Specialist

Robert A. Kravecs Jr., DMD, LLC

Dentist located in Fairfield, CT

Are you looking for one, single dental office where your entire family can get the care they need? Well, look no further than the office of Robert A. Kravecs Jr., DMD, LLC. Located in Fairfield, Connecticut, Dr. Kravecs and his friendly staff can treat everyone in your family, whether it’s a more involved procedure, or simply a routine checkup. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking tool today.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is family dentistry?

Robert A. Kravecs Jr, DMD, LLC, is enthusiastic about providing a strong foundation for fabulous oral hygiene for the entire family. As a family dentistry practice, the team treats patients of all ages.

A key element of family dentistry involves getting a complete dental exam and cleaning. Both are suggested twice yearly for children and adults of all ages. During your initial dental examination at the office, Dr. Kravecs takes complete oral X-rays to ensure the healthiness of your gums, teeth, and jaw. X-rays will not be mandatory at all visits, and we will let you know if X-rays are needed more than once a year.

What does a dental exam and cleaning involve?

During the exam, you get a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck. Dr. Kravecs inspects every tooth for cavities, plaque, or damage with a small dental pick and a mirror.

Looking at your gums will help detect if any gum disease exists or needs care. He also examines your entire head area for other related issues, such as TMJ disorder. If required treatment is needed, the doctor will take additional X-rays and diagnosis what the problem is.

After the examination is complete, one of the professional and knowledgeable staff members performs a complete cleaning. Professional cleanings are encouraged twice a year to clean hard-to-reach places that brushing and flossing miss, prevent cavities, and quickly find and establish a treatment for any oral health conditions. A professional cleaning is secondary to the oral hygiene you maintain at home.

What are the benefits of family dentistry?

The main benefit of seeking out care at a family dentistry practice is that you can get top-notch oral health care services for your entire family at one place. You don’t have to shuttle your kids to different places all over town, then secure your own appointment somewhere else. You can come to Dr. Kravecs’ office and get everyone treated back-to-back. It’s a one-stop-shop for the whole family’s dental needs.

To schedule your next exam or cleaning at the office, call now or use the online booking tool and set up a time to come in.